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French Custom Wood Shutters San Diego
French Custom Wood Shutters San Diego
Upload on: 04/20/2012

San Diego French Custom Shutters - Inside the Shop
San Diego French Custom Shutters - Inside the Shop
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Why We Like the Sandblasted Technique Vs. Smooth

5 1/2' Sandblast Shutter, French Brothers Custom ShuttersNo other company is offering sandblasted shutters anymore, and it seems the non-wood shutters are one-dimensional.  When shutters are white painted they’re missing one of the most important elements of custom shutters.  Custom means having the ability to tailor the shutter application to the personality of the room.  One way French Brothers Custom Shutters accomplishes this is by sandblasting the surface of the wood shutter – thereby exposing the warmth and the character that the wood shutter has to offer.  This type of application resonates with a room with leathers, textures, and travertine floors – a very warm and comfortable setting.  Potential shutter owners need to be exposed to the different finishes associated with custom shutters – for example the Tuscan Finish perfected by French Brothers offers the ability to create multi-layered depth creating a fine furniture look for your windows.


How do we do it?  We sand the first layer off, exposing the wood grain on top, leaving the first layer in the low line portion of the grain and then we can clear coat, and sometimes add a second or third layer of colors – two to three layers of color – sanding through those to create a one of a kind custom look.

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